8 Ways to Reach New Career Levels in 2020

Wanting to connect, inspire, and empower professional women of color within her community, Toni H. Lowe founded the annual PowHER Moves Women Conference back in 2018. Each year, dozens of women gather in Dallas, TX, to hear from industry leaders, coaches, and experts about how to climb the corporate ladder and/or transition into entrepreneurship. The conference also focuses on advancing equality in the workplace through activating solutions for change, support, and partnerships.

“The more conferences and professional development programs I attended the more I realized how tone-deaf the content was to the nuances of being a woman of color in corporate America,” Lowe told BLACK ENTERPRISE in an email. “Since the inaugural PowHER Moves in 2018, my vision remains the same—to give voice and advance solutions to address workplace inequities for women of color.”